Four paths of sensorial contemplation will take you through the different visual and symbolic layers that compose this virtually analogous forest, to explore its multiple sound, visual, biological, historical, cultural and conceptual dimensions, and reflect on our role as humans upon entering these ecosystems; not as external bodies but as integral components of the rich interrelations coexisting in these sacred natural spaces.
La naturaleza en mi cuerpo
Nature within body
Our body, its structure and movements also resonate with those of nature. In this exercise we invite you to explore through hand movements, and the empty space that exists between them, the various movements present in nature –such as the growth of a plant or falling autumn foliage– to understand these natural processes through rhythm and flux.
Germán Mellado (camera and editing), Alexis Francisco Millanao (camera), Amparo Irarrázaval (performer), María Jesús Olivos (voice)
Dibujar la respiración
Drawing our breath
Through a drawing exercise we will connect with the nature that inhabits within us. The invitation is to re-perceive our body as a living being and to abandon all conditioned or preconceived thoughts through the following steps that will help us stimulate the right hemisphere of our brains. You will need a blank sheet of paper and a graphite pencil.
Germán Mellado (camera and editing), Alexis Francisco Millanao (camera), María Jesús Olivos (performer & voice)
Los elementos en movimiento
The elements in motion
Think back to all the things you have observed, touched and tasted. Let us connect through our body, and with these various experiences mind, to the four natural elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Join us in moving to the sound and flow of the elements through a series of body exercises based on Gaga, a movement language developed by choreographer Ohad Naharin intended to help practitioners raise physical awareness by focusing on/listening to the rhythm of their bodies, letting them direct their movement and the pleasure that movement brings. We will not be learning specific choreographies, the invitation is to explore your own sensory experience when interacting, listening, thinking about the nature of air, water, fire and earth.
Click on each natural element to listen to a playlist and begin your bodily movements to the sounds of:
Germán Mellado (camera and editing), Alexis Francisco Millanao (camera), Colectivo Antagonismo - Mary Carmen Jaramillo, Alejandra Fuente, Verónica Cruz (performers) and María Jesús Olivos (performer and voice)
How did these exercises make you feel?